Sprains and Strains

Sprained AnkleSometimes the muscle-tendon unit may get stretched or even torn. Such a condition, which most commonly caused due to over stretching or overuse of the muscle, is known as Strain. Three areas usually suffer from this kind of damage:

  • A tear can occur at the spot where the tendon and muscle blend
  • The tendon itself tears completely (rupture) or partially
  • The muscle may tear

A Sprain, on the other hand, is not an injury of the tendon or the muscle, but the ligaments, which are present on each side of and stabilize our joints. Ligaments serve the purpose of limiting the movements in our joints to certain specific directions.

Strains and sprains occur when we’re under physical stress and performing movements that our joints and muscles aren’t prepared to perform at that point in time. Sometimes the injury results from a single such stressful incident, and sometimes it occurs gradually due to repeated motion.

Sprains and Strains Symptoms: A strain or sprain injury first causes intense soreness. Other symptoms like spasm and swelling can take a few minutes or hours before they develop.

Medical Treatment: One of the most commons ways of treating strains and sprains is RICE interventions – rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, in cases where the person has sustained a severe injury, doctors may recommend casting or splinting in order to help the joint rest. In some even more severe cases where tendons or muscles have completely torn, a surgery would be required to ensure that normalcy and function are restored to the joint.